Sorry, we’ve been quiet ….. but we have a great reason!

Despite my best intentions, I haven’t written anything for a while. There are several reasons for that; building work to get finished, a busy life and mostly a new addition to the family!

Don’t faint, its not a human addition, it is of course a green oval addition! Meet Rufus …..

Rescue mission
Bringing the new boy home!

As with the best things in life, totally unplanned! So, how did that happen? Well, you know when a French friend sends you a picture of a car he has just dragged out of a barn, you think it has a nice face, and so does Chris, and then you find yourself heading off on one of the hottest days of the year with a trailer to pick it up …… that!

We don’t need another car, but he was just too good to leave. According to his previous owner he was a non runner, too rusty and a lot of work to fix, but my gut feeling told me otherwise. We were trying not to look too excited as he was saying that basically the car was only good for parts, and we quickly handed over a small pile of euros before he changed his mind. Poor old Delilah got a little hot and bothered bringing him home; it was after all about 37 degrees outside, and he isn’t a small boy!

Once we had a proper chance to look him over we were just so excited. He is already kitted out for off road adventures with a roll cage, bucket seats and harnesses and in actual fact has hardly any rot. Putting a new battery on gave us lots of dash lights and headlamps etc, but although his V8 turned over it wouldn’t fire. We soon established that there was no petrol getting to the engine, and that this was the culprit ….

Hmm, that’s probably why it isn’t pumping fuel

A new fuel tank and pump later, along with a new distributor cap and rotor arm for good measure, and bingo! He fired up and ran! Not only ran, but ran really sweetly – you’ve got to love a V8 burble. What a total star! We were so H A P P Y!

Rufus lives! How chuffed are we?!

Now we know he is worth spending a bit on, he can have some other new bits and some TLC, and we can plan some adventures for him, although they can’t be too far away as he is a bit thirsty being a V8 😉

In the meantime we are taking him back to his natural local habitat, off road! I will keep you updated with his progress ……. H x

Range Rover Classic Offroad

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