Our Defender 110

Since 1948 Land Rover had been the British benchmark for 4 wheel drive vehicles and gained a reputation of excellence worldwide.  As a Land Rover owner already, there was never any question in Helen’s mind which car would fulfil the criteria for the rally, but the girls needed a different model to the one Helen already owned.  She approached Jonathan Lane, a Land Rover specialist in the UK, who built their Defender 110 to the correct specification for the rally.

After taking lots of advice, they chose an older specification vehicle with less electronics on the basis that it will be simpler for them to fix if here is a problem, and the 300tdi engine is known to be robust.

Named “Priscilla” (Queen of the Desert), the Land Rover has some key features;

  • Higher ride height to give greater ground clearance
  • Uprated springs and shock absorbers
  • Protection plates for the sump, differentials and fuel tank
  • An auxiliary fuel tank for greater range (not many filling stations in the Sahara)
  • An onboard water tank
  • A dual battery charging system
  • Fitted with a rally trip computer

On their off road driving course Helen and Haley discovered just how capable Priscilla is, and appreciated the range of challenging and inhospitable terrain they will be able to traverse as a team.

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