Introducing Us! – Our blog launch….

Finally, I am starting a blog about our adventures, so first things first, the introductions of the people, and that includes humans and Land Rovers, who you will see featured in future posts!

The lovely Priscilla #priscillalandyadventures

Central to this blog is Priscilla, a Land Rover Defender 110. She has already completed one major off road rally, which you will find out about, and will be tackling further adventures soon!


I am Helen, clearly the writer of the blog as despite Priscilla’s many talents she can’t type! I am Priscilla’s “mum”, otherwise known as the nut behind the wheel! I have always loved cars – I blame my dad – and am LOVING the off road adventures I am having with our Land Rover family, which I will be sharing with you.

Delilah! A great little 90 #delilahdefender

Delilah is a relatively new addition to our family – an unplanned buy on Ebay, but that’s another story entirely! She makes a lovely noise and is great fun to drive. Her adventures are presently limited to our local area in France but who knows what the future may hold ….

Clarissa. #ClarissaV8

Clarissa has been with us a long time and has hauled many a load to France. She is an old (and thirsty) lady now and is currently undergoing a bit of an overhaul! Her V8 will still be thirsty, but a facelift and new chassis will give her a new lease of life for future adventures.


Rufus! #RufusRRC

Rufus is an even newer addition to our family, having been rescued from a barn!  He is beast, modified for off roading, and looking forward to adventures, although he also has a V8 so they can’t be too far from home otherwise the fuel costs will cripple us !!



Chris is my long suffering husband! He likes a Landy Adventure too, which is a good job really!! He is not too keen on being in front of the camera so you may not see him featured too often in photos.


Jonathan is our No.1 Land Rover man! He is simply wonderful, he looks after our girls and knows more or less everything there is to know about anything Land Rover. Utterly invaluable. You will see him and various of his personal Defenders in the blogs.


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