Motorsport is Dangerous

This statement has been brought very much to the forefront of my mind this week with the passing of Jessi Combs. As a fellow former Gazelle, it makes me think about what it was that I did this year, and am hoping to do again. Granted, the Gazelles is much tamer than driving a 52,000 hp rocket powered car trying to break a land speed record, but we did see first hand how things can do wrong.

Jessi Combs 1983 – 2019

Of course we took safety precautions on the rally, particularly wearing the dreaded but essential helmets, but on Day 3 we were shocked to learn of a team having a serious accident in the Merzouga dunes. I would like to stress that both team members only sustained minor injuries, despite the driver being unconscious for some time, but you can see for yourself that even crashing in sand can do quite a lot of damage to a car.

No humans were hurt

So, does this mean I am hanging up the rally boots already? My mother would be delighted if the answer to that was yes, but it is a resounding NO!

Life itself is dangerous at the end of the day, but pushing the limits and getting the adrenaline pumping is what makes you feel alive! I am very much aware that every time I take Priscilla off road, I am potentially at risk, but by being sensible, knowing the cars limits and taking precautions I am probably making it safer than crossing the road.

Jessi was an ambassador for women in motorsport, for women pushing the limits, for women living a Life Less Ordinary and I think every Gazelle carries a bit of that spirit.

Out in the Moroccan Sahara, we pushed our limits in every way and came away feeling empowered as a result. I feel honoured to have had the Gazelles experience and hopefully be in a position to inspire other women to challenge their limits too

Gazelle Un Jour, Gazelle Toujour!


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