Is this Off Roading Adventure Stuff a Mid Life Crisis?

Most certainly not!!

I thought it was only men who had those anyway! 😉

I have spent nearly 50 years on this planet and am feeling confident, positive and empowered; there is no crisis in sight!

I have never had an issue with who I am or being totally at ease with myself; even loving myself. I have never conformed, and it’s too late to start now. I am certainly not identifying with being “middle aged”. My body does tell me different on occasions, but we push through that !

A friend was recently questioning why women can be relative late comers to the adventure world. I think there are two responses to that. Generally I feel there is still is a deep seated social convention that says we aren’t supposed to do things like that! Madness, I know. There are so many social pressures these days, maybe there always were, but the media influence is stronger than ever, and I don’t think I have ever seen an advert promoting girls buying an old Land Rover and going off to the Sahara! However, believe me, it is liberating.

The other pertinent and very real reason is that adventures cost money. This rather boring reality does limit things! But with age, having the latest fashion, buying a home and stuff like that is past and I suppose through some subliminal sense of your own mortality, you think it is time to go out and embrace the world.

I feel more alive than ever and am loving the journey of discovery I am on, and I am happy to share that with you all.

This chapter of my life started in November 2013 ……. but that’s for another post! Check back soon!

Defender Girl!

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